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Domestic Violence and DWI Lawyer

Domestic Violence and DWI cases in the Bernalillo County Metro Court are the main focus of my practice. I offer free consultations and my TOTAL FEE is $2000 (or less) for all Metro Court Cases.

Call 505-269-3999 today to talk directly to me about how I can help you and how I can protect your rights and your future. Domestic Violence and DWI convictions can have a major impact on your future, don't hesitate to call me today

I have over 30 years of experience in New Mexico Criminal Courts. Using all my experience, I focus on helping good people who made small mistakes and got into criminal trouble. I concentrate on giving the best possible personal service to the clients I represent. All calls are returned promptly and all questions are answered directly and completely. Calls directly to my cell are always welcome. I do not believe that the legal process needs to be mysterious, even for those who have never been involved with the criminal justice system before they need my help.

I graduated Law School in 1983. I started my legal career at the District Attorney's Office in the Metro Court Division. I was promoted to Felonies and became the Supervisor of the Probation and Extradition Division where I worked on Probation and Repeat Offender cases for 2 years. I then moved to the Violent Crimes Division where I prosecuted more serious violent felonies including Murder, Kidnapping, Rape and Assault cases.

With all the experience and insider knowledge of being a prosecutor, I entered private practice to help people who were in trouble.

Practice Information:
DWI and Domestic Violence cases make up a large part of my practice along with traffic matters and zoning cases. If your driving privileges are suspended, I am the lawyer that will get them back for you. I also handle felony matters, but try to limit felony cases to first time offenders where there were no physical injuries. I work out of an office I built in 2007 right next to the Metropolitan Court House in downtown Albuquerque. This new, modern facility allows me to better serve my clients and provides a professional atmosphere with the convenience of easy walking access to the Metro, District and Federal court houses for me and my clients.

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